Duck Breast with Beetroot Tartare Puree, Onion and Pecans

Duck Breast with Beetroot Tartare Puree, Onion and Pecans

Pan fried duck breasts with a beetroot Port Mahon tartare puree, candied beetroot and barbequed onions.

Recipe by Chris Bonello of Zagame Corporation.


For the duck breasts:
2 duck breasts

3 large beetroots:
Port Mahon Tartare sauce
Red wine jus

For the baby beetroots:
4 baby beetroots

For the candied striped beetroot:
1 candied striped beetroot

For the simple sugar syrup:
100g sugar
100ml water

For the pecans:
100g pecans

For the onions:
4 pickled baby onions

For the golden beetroots:
1 golden baby beetroot
1 part water, 1 part vinegar, 1 part sugar (pickling juice)

For presentation:
8 beetroot leaves (baby chard)


To prepare the duck breast:
Step 1 | Score the duck breast.
Step 2 | Season both skin and flesh.
Step 3 | Cook in a medium heat pan with no oil.
Step 4  | Render all the fat down for about 4 minutes.
Step 5 | Turn over the duck and cook for further 3 minutes while basting the fat with a spoon all the time.
Step 6 | Rest for 5 minutes.
Step 7 | Place in the oven for 2 minutes.
Step 8 | Cut both edges off lengthways.
Step 9 | Cut the duck breast in half.

To prepare beetroot tartare puree:
Step 1 | Individually salt and wrap 3 large beetroots (200g) in baking paper and foil.
Step 2 | Cook at 180 degrees for 30 minutes or until really soft. In a Vitamix or bar blender, blend until fine.
Step 3 | Season with salt and add 80g of the Port Mahon Tartare sauce.
Step 4 | Pulse until fully combined.

To prepare the baby beetroots:
Step 1 | Steam for 7 minutes.
Step 2 | Peel and cool down.

To prepare candied striped beetroot:
Step 1 | Slice thinly.
Step 2 | Cut into 3cm rings with a ring cutter.
Step 3 | Cut the rings with a 2cm cutter.
Step 4 | Keep both the loop and the edge for garnish.
Step 5 | Freshen up in ice cold water.

To prepare the simple sugar syrup:
Step 1 | Boil water and sugar together.

To prepare the pecans:
Step 1 | Blanch the pecans for 30 seconds.
Step 2 | Pat dry.
Step 3 | Cook in simple sugar syrup for 4 minutes.
Step 4 | Take out and deep fry until caramelised.
Step 5 | Crush in a mortar and pestle.

To prepare the BBQ onions:
Step 1 | Cut the onions in half lengthways.
Step 2 | Sear in a hot pan with the skin on until black.
Step 3 | Cook for 3 minutes at 180 degrees.
Step 4 | Peel the petals into individual leaves.

To prepare golden beetroots:
Step 1 | Shave thinly and pickle for 24 hours.

To present:
Step 1 | Scatter beetroot leaves artfully over plate.
Step 2 | Plate up as per picture.

Chris Bonello
Chris Bonello

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