We are proud to offer our customers a fantastic range of Vegan and allergen friendly options that make menu design even easier.

Our chefs have created an extensive range that proudly tastes and looks similar to your regular menu items meaning your Vegan customers won’t have to compromise in any way.

Our Vegenaise is milk, egg free, gluten free and is available in five inspiring flavours. Our Hermans Vegan Chilli Con Carne makes you think you’re enjoying the real deal, it’s the perfect option for vegan dishes with a gratifying taste.

We welcome our newest brand batch No.5 tomato relish to our vegan friendly portfolio. This is the perfect accompanist to enhance your vegan menu by adding a vegan friendly relish.

The Foodfx Vegan range includes:

Port Mahon Vegenaise

Port Mahon Aioli Vegenaise

Port Mahon Herb Vegenaise

Port Mahon Peri Peri Vegenaise

Port Mahon Vegenaise Special Burger Sauce

batch No.5 tomato relish

Hermans Vegan Chili Con Carne