Spring Salad with a Black Garlic Dressing

Spring Salad with a Black Garlic Dressing

Fresh green spring salad with a tangy black garlic Port Mahon Mayonnaise dressing.

Recipe by Scott Pickett of Estelle Bistro.


200g broad beans, blanched & shelled
200g peas, blanched in the pod
1 bunch asparagus, blanched & charred
3 globe artichokes, pickled
Wild garlic
Garlic flowers
1 head black garlic, peeled
500g Port Mahon Mayonnaise
Juice of 3 limes
20g coriander seeds, toasted & ground
20g chiffonade parsley


Step 1 | Blend black garlic with the mayonnaise, lime juice & coriander seeds.
Step 2 | Season and fold through chiffonade parsley.
Step 3 | Put into squeeze bottle.
Step 4 | To construct, arrange vegetables into a large bowl, dot with the black garlic dressing and garnish with the wild garlic and garlic flowers.

Scott Pickett
Scott Pickett

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