Wagyuroo Burger

Wagyuroo Burger

Lean Wagyuroo burger, with beetroot relish, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and a Port Mahon mountain pepper tartare sauce.

Recipe by Chris Bonello of Zagame Corporation.


For the Wagyuroo pattie:
300g Kangaroo shoulder, minced
200g Rangers Valley brisket, minced
200g Rangers Valley chuck steak, minced

For the filling:
Beetroot relish: (Please use Foodfx signature recipe beetroot relish)
Cos lettuce
Ox heart tomatoes
Natural cheddar cheese slices

For the Mountain Pepper Tartare Sauce:
2g of fresh ground mountain pepper (not dehydrated)
300g of Port Mahon Tartare sauce

For the bun:
Brioche bun


Wagyuroo Pattie:

Step 1 | Mince all meat together and shape into 170g pattie

Mountain Pepper Tartare Sauce:

Step 1 | Mix all ingredients until well combined. The result should be a bit peppery and pinkish in colour.

To assemble the burger:

Step 1 | Cut the brioche bun in half, butter and toast.
Step 2 | Start with the heel of the brioche bun.
Step 3 | Spread 30g of the beetroot relish.
Step 4 | Add a slice of fresh crunchy cos lettuce.
Step 5 | Add a slice of fresh ox heart tomato.
Step 6 | Place the pattie.
Step 7 | Add the natural cheddar slice on top (pure dairy product).
Step 8 | Place 5 pieces of pickles.
Step 9 | On the crown, spread 15g of the mountain pepper.
Step 10 | Close bun and serve.

Chris Bonello
Chris Bonello

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