Our story

Experienced, innovative and committed to quality, proudly made in Australia from fresh ingredients

Founded in 1986, Foodfx has an established reputation for fine flavours and quality foods. As a food manufacturer specialising in recipe creation and customisation, Foodfx is a leading partner for National QSRs and professional chefs for all types of cuisine.

Fresh, innovative and an essential base for culinary creation, the Foodfx recipe list includes an extensive range of mayonnaises, sauces, soups and prepared meal bases.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the Foodfx team services QSRs, restaurants, clubs, pubs and cafes across Australia and New Zealand. Equipped with the latest technology and supported by renowned chefs, Foodfx has delivered solutions for businesses big and small for over 30 years!

Adding to our premium brands Port Mahón and Hermans Sauce, we also have introduced batch No.5 to our portfolio.

Foodfx continues to experiment with flavours and reach new levels of culinary quality.

Australian owned and family operated, Foodfx is a reliable food manufacturer for every chef and foodservice establishment. Supplying only the highest quality, finest, freshest Australian ingredients and ready to eat custom food products, Foodfx provides for everything from recipe creation to catering for mass production.

Flexibility, quality and consistentency – the Foodfx team is continuously experimenting with cutting edge ingredients and techniques to create the most innovative, clean recipes.

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