Foodfx Takes Foodservice Australia Show in Melbourne by Storm with Port Mahon, Batch No.5, and Hermans Homemade

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May marked an exciting milestone for Foodfx as we showcased our impressive portfolio of brands, including Port Mahon, Batch No.5, and Hermans Homemade, at the prestigious Foodservice Australia show in Melbourne. The event was a resounding success, and if you missed the opportunity to sample our delectable products, don’t worry – you can still get in touch with your FoodFX account manager to experience our premium range of mayonnaises, condiments, and relishes.

The Foodservice Australia show is a premier event that attracts industry professionals, suppliers, and food enthusiasts from around Australia. It serves as a platform for companies to showcase their offerings and engage with a discerning audience. FoodFX, known for our commitment to flavour, quality, and innovation, left a lasting impression on attendees with our exceptional range of brands.

Port Mahon, a brand renowned for its premium mayonnaise selections, captivated the audience with our fresh and exquisite creations that offer restaurants the ability to include premium condiments as part of their menu.

Another highlight of Foodfx’s presence at the show was batch No.5, a somewhat new brand in industry known for its versatility and full-flavoured mayos, sauces and condiments. Attendees were treated to tantalising samples like batch No.5’s popular tomato relish, as well as new flavours like Caesar dressing, ranch and burger sauce. Batch No.5’s exceptional offerings and the culinary expertise of FoodFX was a true crowd-pleaser.

The team at Foodfx were thrilled with the success achieved at the Foodservice Australia show. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all who visited our stand and experienced the magic firsthand. The positive feedback and enthusiastic response reaffirm our commitment to delivering exceptional taste experiences.

If you were unable to sample Foodfx’s products at the event, there is still an opportunity to do so. Contact your Foodfx Account Manager, and they will be delighted to arrange a sample for you. Whether you’re a foodservice professional or a passionate food lover, experiencing the exceptional flavours and creativity of Foodfx’s brands is an opportunity not to be missed.

Foodfx’s presence at the Foodservice Australia show Melbourne showcased our expertise and passion for culinary innovation. With brands Port Mahon, batch No.5, and Hermans Homemade, Foodfx continues to push boundaries and redefine the foodservice industry. Keep an eye out for our future endeavours as we continue to captivate palates and inspire food enthusiasts around the Australia.